Rise of the museum Twitter bots


Fan Museum Bots

John Emerson has compiled a list of Twitter accounts that periodically tweet out images from the online collections of some of the world’s best museums, including the Met, the Tate, the Rijksmuseum, and MoMA.

The best revenge is massive success.

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The Middle East’s messy political mosaic


21st Century version of the Maslow pyramid

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Jawbone data shows which Bay Area residents were woken by the quake.

Interesting chart from anonymized data taken from Jawbone UP trackers, showing just how many residents of each area were woken by Sundays 3:20am quake.

Unintended use of wearable data

(Source: jawbone.com)


Map of all devices connected via the internet

Redditor achillean writes:

I Pinged All Devices on the Internet, here’s a Map of them.

The data was generated using a stateless scanner used to create Shodan. A free, open-source scanner called Zmap is readily available for anybody that wants to do it themselves! And the map itself was generated using the Python matplotlib library.

It took about 5 hours to ping all IPs on the Internet, then another 12+ hours to generate the map.

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Call it the Internet of things you hate losing.

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Urban Farms Build Resilience Within Singapore’s Fragile Food System
Maureen Pao, npr.org

At a local FairPrice Supermarket in central Singapore, you’ll find baby carrots grown in Bakersfield, Calif., – the same ones for sale at my local grocery store in Washington, D.C.

Such well-traveled vegetables aren’t unusual in the tiny…

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